Youth Futsal Awards 2022

July 6, 2023

Footy Promotions held the Futsal Youth Awards 2022 on Sunday, July 10, at the National Sports Centre Hockey Pitch. The Futsal Youth Season had over 140 participants from the age of 8-14. The end of season presentation was attended by BFA President Mark Wade and Technical Director Maurice Lowe.

“The BFA view futsal as a great development tool for Bermuda players,” said BFA President Mark Wade. “The league has given the players an opportunity to showcase the skills learned and continue their development. The quality of play has been at a very high level. We are delighted to support the leagues and look forward to continued growth.”

“We are grateful for the annual support of the BFA and their commitment to youth development through futsal,” said Footy Promotions President, Vinzie Zuill. “It was a great pleasure to host the Youth Futsal League. The players in the league entertained, showed off their futsal skills, and most importantly had fun. The atmosphere was great, and we looked forward to every Sunday. Congratulations to both Force Red teams, who won the league title in their respective age groups, and the award winners. We are proud of all the players, and we wish them continued success.”

The Awards are as follows:

8-11 Years old

1st Place (Force Red)

Cree Bean, Tayte Browne, Xavi Dill, Maze Leverock, Daley Outerbridge, Kiyan-Phillips Walker, Kingston Ratteray, Jahkari Samuels, Jazere Simmons, Gebre Vickers.

2nd Place (Force Orange)

Mason Barioni, Mackay Browne, Caleb Cox, Khairi Hollis, Tyiare Hollis, Hayes Ingham, Jadon Lightbourne, Julian Simmons, Yuudai Trott-Hayward

3rd Place (Force Yellow)

Collin Bean, Kierra Broadley-Samuels, Azai Burt, Dunstan De-Sa, Logan Drummond Jones, Taiz Latham, Chavi Pacheco-Hill, Ki-Ana Simmons, Kal-el Smith

Most Valuable Player Award - Chavi Pacheco-Hill (Force Yellow)

Golden Boot Award - Mackay Browne (Force Orange) - 40 goals.

Fair Play Award - Ray Richardson (Force Grey)

Coaches Award - Jaden Walrond (Force Green)

Best Goalkeeper Award - Ean Welch (Force Navy)

Girl Power Awards:

Olivia Allers (Force Black)

Daley Outerbridge (Force Red)

Antoinette Barry (Force White)

Kierra Broadley-Samuels (Force Yellow)

Ki-Ana Simmons (Force Yellow)

Individual Team Goal Scored Awards:

Force Navy - Lochlann Muirhead - 9 goals

Force Blue - Ryan Place-Gill - 11 goals

Force Grey - Ray Richardson - 16 goals

Force White - Julian Hands - 16 goals

Force Red - Maze Leverock - 18 goals

Force Green - Cameron Smith - 21 goals

Force Black - Enoch Ball - 27 goals

Force Yellow - Chavi Pacheco Hill - 39 goals

Force Orange - Mackay Browne - 40 goals

12-14 Years Old

1st Place (Force Red)

Amir Brangman-Johnson, Jaime Cendenio, D'Ari Coddngton, Kieran Foster, Masaki Kitade, Nuri Latham, Malik Paynter, Jai Simmons, Shiloh Waite

2nd Place (Force Orange)

Nico Bean, Tai Cedenio, Adonai Gibbons, Daylen Heaven, Mosiais Mills, Anson Robinson, Chedi Smith, Zias Smith, Mekhi Wilson

3rd Place (Force Yellow)

Harlem Bean-Fox, Syhon Goater, Roydon Grant, Jaylen Heaven, Kruz Iris, Massiah Leverock, Sakari Lewis, Marc Rajeh, Cavin White

Most Valuable Player Award - Malik Paynter (Force Red)

Golden Boot Award - Malik Paynter (Force Red) - 32 goals.

Fair Play Award - Khari Sharieff (Force Black)

Coaches Award - Harlem Bean - Fox (Force Yellow)

Best Goalkeeper Award - Nico Bean (Force Orange)

Girl Power Awards:

Evans Welch (Force Black)

Alessandra Hughes (Force Grey)

Individual Team Goal Scored Awards:

Force White -Tiago Correia - 10 goals

Force Orange - Daylen Heaven - 12 goals

Force Navy - Chaz Edmead - 15 goals

Force Black - Khari Sharrieff - 17 goals

Force Yellow - Jaylen Heaven - 18 goals

Force Grey - Markus Eve - 21 goals

Force Red - Malik Paynter - 32 goals

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