Bermuda Football Association Act 1970

The statutory purposes of Bermuda Football Association [BFA], Registered Charity #331, established in accordance with provisions of the Bermuda Football Association Act 1970, are to:

-Encourage the game of football in Bermuda

-Promote the game of football and take all necessary steps to prevent infringement of the Rules and Laws of the game of football or other improper practices

-Make Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws for the proper regulation of the game of football

-Make Rules for eligibility for membership in the BFA

-Hold membership in FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU and abide by their Rules and Regulations

-Lend or invest and borrow money as determined by the BFA Executive Council

-Make representation to the Bermuda Government where appropriate

The Congress

The Congress, comprised of the 24 Full Member Organizations listed below, is responsible for overall management of the affairs of the BFA. The Full Members attend the Annual General Meeting and Semi-Annual General Meeting where they vote on all appointments to the Executive Council and on any other issues that require consideration.

1. Bermuda Athletic Association

4. Bermuda Sports Federation

7. Devonshire Recreation Club

10. Ireland Rangers Football Club

13. Pembroke Hamilton Club

16. Somerset Cricket Club

19. St. George's Cricket Club

22. X'Roads Warriors Football Club

2. Bermuda Football Coaches Association

5. Boulevard Community Club

8. Flanagan’s Onions Football Club

11. North Village Community Club

14. Robin Hood Football Club

17. Southampton Rangers Sports Club

20. Western Stars Sport Club

23. Vasco Da Gama

3. Bermuda Referees Association

6. Devonshire Colts Football Club

9. Hamilton Parish Workmen’s Club

12. Paget Community Football Club

15. Somerset Bridge Recreation Club

18. St. David’s Cricket Club

21. Wolves Sports Club

24. Young Men’s Social Club