Referee Academy

October 14, 2020

Thursday September 3rd the Bermuda Football Association Referee’s Committee held a press conference. The Chairman of the Referee’s Association, Crenstant Williams announced the new Referee Academy.


Williams said, “The purpose of the academy is to insure we have officials who will transition to the FIFA list” Currently on the FIFA officials list is Bermudian Referee Tashun Simons who is a certified FIFA AR and the Referee’s Academy seeks to increase the number of FIFA Officials. Williams said the after idea of the academy emerged he reached out to the Bahamas who have a similar program, and after developing this academy for Bermuda he is honored to announce the official launch of the Referee Academy.

The new uniforms of the Referee Academy were created by local designer Alex Belvedereof Triangle Football Clothing. Belvedere said he is thankful for “the opportunity to do the training and game day kits as well as the tracksuits” for the Referee Academy. With the reveal of the uniforms Williams said “Any time you see these uniforms you should know this is the academy. It stands for excellence.”


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