Premier Division Transfers

November 14, 2020

The following is a list of the Premier Division Transfers as of the First Release Period between May 15th and June 1st.

Devonshire Colts Football Club

Jah-zion Talbot-Thomas to Hamilton Parish

Devonshire Recreational Club

Tyrone Oswald to Boulevard

Nyhrobi Carmicheal to WSSC- Dandy Town

En'rikae Parsons to Hamilton Parish

Shakii Pearman to Young Men's SC

Koshun Durrant to Paget FC

Shaki Swan to Flanagan's Onions FC

Jahzardae Samuels to Devonshire Colts

Troy Hall to Somerset Bridge RC

North Village CC

Aaron Williams to Boulevard

Mike Pace to Boulevard

Zenawi Bowen to St. Georges CC

Quinn Outerbridge to Hamilton Parish

Justin Bell to Robin Hood

Tariq Bean to Robin Hood

Giniko Butterfield to Young Men's SC

Shervin Jennings to Young Men's SC

Chekai Caisey to Devonshire Rec

Nyindae Berry-Hollis to Wolves SC

Dazhon Dillas to Devonshire Colts

Pembroke Hamilton Club

Calvin Thomas to Vasco Da Gama

Cecoy Robinson to WSSC - Dandy Town

Wendell Tre' Ming to Southampton Rangers

Tahjae Welch to Hamilton Parish

Jade Morrissey to Robin Hood

Michael Williams to Devonshire Colts

Dupray Joell Jr. to Somerset Bridge RC

Kadeem Abraham to Somerset Bridge RC

Kenji Griffith to Somerset Bridge RC

Robin Hood Football Club

Armand Foy to St. Georges CC

Lejuan Simmons to Devonshire Rec

Nkenge Durham to Somerset CC

Zhuri Burgess to Devonshire Colts

Somerset Bridge Recreational Club

Cofield Robinson to Vasco Da Gama

Jahkhari Hollis to Ireland Rangers

Jahnai Ratteray to Ireland Rangers

Teniko Eve to Devonshire Colts

Somerset Cricket Club

Dion Stovell to Southampton Rangers

Vernon Perinchief to Southampton Rangers

K'tori Butterfield to Young Men's SC

Makai Joell to PHC

Southampton Rangers Football Club

Kamali Davis to WSSC - Dandy Town

Shayne Hollis to Hamilton Parish

Travis Wilkinson - Paget FC

Nacori Smith to Somerset CC

Keedai Astwood to X-Roads WFC

St. Georges Cricket Club

Tayshun Burgess to St. Davids CC

Keijon Butterfield to St. Davids CC

Amon Simons to St. Davids CC

Omeek Smith to Wolves SC

Samori Greenidge-Smith to Somerset Bridge RC

WSSC - Dandy Town

The-Kei Taylor to Boulevard

Clay Darrell to St. Georges CC

Tre Manders to Southampton Rangers

Kyle Wade to Hamilton Parish

Kenfari Swan to Hamilton Parish

Jahseiko Richardson-Martin to Young Men's SC

Ryan Evans to Young Men's SC

X-Roads Warriors FC

Patrick Richardson to Hamilton Parish

Sean Burges to Hamilton Parish

Kion Knights to Robin Hood

Ahira Simons to Robin Hood

Sareiko Thomas to Devonshire Colts

Ari Cannonier to Devonshire Rec

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