First Division Transfers

October 14, 2020

The following is a list of the First Division Transfers as of the First Release Period between May 15th and June 1st.

Boulevard Community Club

Jakio Williams to Hamilton Parish

Lorance Butterfield to Young Men's SC 

Tarreko Wilson to Somerset Bridge

Ian Coke to X-Roads WFC 

Flanagan's Onions FC

Treshun Smith to WSSC - Dandy Town

Mathew Bacon to Robin Hood

Laquan Thomas to Devonshire Colts

Eli Smith to Devonshire Colts

Kiuno Cann to Devonshire Colts

Hamilton Parish Workmen's Club

Jokai Fox to Ireland Rangers

T'Jay Brangman to Ireland Rangers

Ruben McKittrick to St. Davids CC

Benjamin Furqan to St. Davids CC

Ireland Rangers FC

Warren Bean to North Village CC

St. Davids CC

Matteo Turner to Somerset CC

Vasco Da Gama FC

Ronald Bell to St. Davids CC

Andrew Paynter to St. Davids CC

Giapiero Signorile to St. Davids CC

Fabio Coelho to Hamilton Parish

Young Men's Social Club

Tyriko Williams to Boulevard

Kenneth Butterfield to St. Georges All Stars

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