Concacaf Men's U20 Draw

July 6, 2023

Concacaf has announced that the region’s men’s representatives at the 2024 Summer Olympic Games will qualify through the 2022 Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Championship.  

Previously, qualification has taken place through a separate Concacaf Men’s Olympic Qualification tournament which commonly took place in March prior to the Summer Olympic Games.

However, to provide Member Associations with a better opportunity to select their best young players, the Concacaf Council has approved a new streamlined approach which will link FIFA U-20 World Cup qualification and Olympic qualification to the Confederation’s regional men’s U20 Championships, which will take place in the summer starting in 2022.

The Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Championship will begin with the Qualifiers for 19 Member Associations (all ranked 17 and below in the Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Rankings).

All matches of the Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Qualifiers will be played in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from November 5-14, 2021.  

Following the conclusion of the Qualifiers, a total of 20 teams will participate at the Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Championship in the summer of 2022. This will include: the top four teams from the Qualifiers and the region’s top 16 ranked teams (based on the Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Rankings) who receive a bye to the Championship.  

The 2022 Concacaf Men’s Under-20 Championship will qualify its semifinalists (four teams) to the FIFA Men’s U-20 World Cup Indonesia 2023 and its finalists (two teams) to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games.

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