BFA Women's Committee Launch

July 6, 2023

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) Women's Committee (WC) has launched Bermuda Women’s web pages which can be found at on the BFA website.

This will centralize all updates, activities, and details of the BFA Women’s Committee. This will include news and updates on the Women’s National Teams, and WC events. The All Girls’ League fixtures, results, and standings will also be featured as well as any upcoming events by the BFA Women’s Committee.

“As Chairwomen of the Women's Committee, I am excited to see this extension to the BFA Website, solely for women and girls in our programmes,” said Charryse Bean.  “This page will highlight the past, present and future women footballers, coaches, referees and administrators showcasing the power of the game and inspiring more young ladies and women to keep going after their dreams on and off the field.”

The WC web pages can be found here.

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