BFA Awards Ceremony Nominees

May 4, 2022

The Bermuda Football Association is holding its End of Season Awards Ceremony for the 2021/22 football season on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. The Ceremony will take place at City Hall, Hamilton at 7:30pm.

The Association wishes to announce the nominees for the various awards to be presented at this year’s ceremony.

Goalkeeper of the Year:

Premier Division: Detre Bell (NVCC), Freddy Hall (St. Geo CC.), Jaiden Manders (WSSC)

First Division: Andrew Lee (BAA), Shaquille Bean (I.Rangers), Azir Harvey (BLVD)

Defensive Player of the Year:

Premier Division: Zeko White (D.Rec), Michael Lambe (PHC), Terrence Webb Jr. (WSSC)

First Division: Antoine Famous (BLVD), Quinn Outerbridge (HPWC), Jonas Schroder (BAA)

Young Player of the Year:

Premier Division: Che’kai Caisey (D.Rec), Nzari Paynter (St. Geo CC), Nizigh Spence (WSSC)

First Division: Samuel McKitrick (HPWC), Tre Burgess (BAA), Azir Harvey (BLVD), Jelani Simmons (Paget FC)

Most Valuable Player of the Year:

Premier Division: Domico Coddington (D.Rec), Marco Warren (PHC), Azendae Furbert (WSSC)

First Division: Jonas Schroder (BAA), Ian Coke (BLVD), Macquille Walker (HPWC)

Coach of the Year:

Premier Division: Winston Trott (PHC), Aaron Denkins (WSSC), Kwame Steede (D. Rec)

First Division: Troy Smith (BLVD), Andrew Bascome (BAA), Sergio Goater (HPWC)

The nomination process for the above awards was conducted in two phases. During the first phase club coaches were required to nominate individuals only from their team. Once all nominations were received from the clubs, the completed list of nominations was sent to the Clubs for the second phase of voting.

During the second phase, club coaches are required to select from the list of nominations. During this phase, the coaches can’t select a player from their team. Coaches must also rank the top 3 players of their choice in each category. The top-ranked nominee receives 5 points, 2nd ranked nominee receives 3 points and the 3rd ranked nominee receives 1 point. The Award is presented to the player or coach who receives the most points.

Highest Goal Scorer:

The winner of the Highest Goal Scorer Award is presented to the player in the Premier and First Division who scores the most goals only in Premier and First Division League matches.

Premier Division: Antwan Russell (PHC), Marco Warren (PHC), Enrique Russell (PHC)

First Division: Jordan Outerbridge (HPWC), Ian Coke (BLVD), Macquille Walker (HPWC)

Fair Play Team Award:

The winner of the Fair Play Award is presented to the Team in the Premier and First Division that accumulates the least amount of penalty points derived from yellow and red cards received only in Premier and First Division League matches.

Premier Division: PHC, Robin Hood, Somerset Bridge RC

First Division: Wolves SC, St. David’s CC, Paget FC

Referee Awards:

The nominees for the Youth Referee of the Year, Young Referee of the Year, and Referee of the Year Awards were chosen by the selection panel based on the following criteria: Attendance to training, Application of the Laws of the Game during matches, and performance on courses with local and FIFA / Concacaf instructors, assessments/feedback from local and FIFA / Concacaf instructors and Match Commissioners.

Youth Referee of the Year: Sar Smith, Shavon Nisbett, Zuri Swan

Young Referee of the Year: Amaury Majors, Satia Burchall, Mateo Donawa

Referee of the Year: Natasha Trott, Dwight Jackson, Clinton Hayward

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