BFA Appleby Youth/All Girls' Awards 2022

July 6, 2023

The Bermuda Football Association held the Appleby Youth and All Girls' Awards Ceremony for the 2021/22 football season on Sunday May 22 at Cedarbridge Academy. The awards winners are as follows:

U13 Girls:

MVP: Keyandae Lightbourne – BFLA & Evans Welch – D. Stars

Defender of the Year: Ayshalay Simons – BFLA

Goalkeeper of the Year: Ash Storey Huges – War. Acad

U13 Girls Goalkeeper of the Year - Ash Storey Huges

U13 Girls Defender of the Year Nominees


MVP: Cairo Tucker – D.Colts

Top Scorer: Zydon Lightbourne Smith (SCC) - 17, Mahki Wislon (S. Rangers) - 17

Defender of the Year: Kalia Daley – FC Bascome (FCB)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Ethan Adderly – FCB

U13 Defender of the Year - Kalia Daley


MVP: Sami Carolo – W. Archers

Top Scorer: Azende Trott Smith – D. Town - 13

Defender of the Year: Dakayo Leverock - D.Town

Goalkeeper of the Year: Sam Larett – W.Archers


MVP: Malachi Henry – W. Archers

Top Scorer: Enrique Mendes – SCC – 9

Defender of the Year: Alexander Rymon Lipinski – W. Archers

Goalkeeper of the Year: Keyen Webb – W. Archers

U15 Goalkeeper of the Year - Keyen Webb

U15 MVP - Malachi Henry

U17 Girls:

MVP: Jahni Simmons – BFLA

Defender of the Year: Samara Darrell – BFLA

Goalkeeper of the Year: Dominque Brown – D. Stars

U17 Girls Defender of the Year - Samara Darrell


MVP: Kwame Naylor – W. Archers

Top Scorer: Sekai Tatem – D. Town – 9

Defender of the Year: Cody Robinson W. Archers.

Goalkeeper of the Year: Matteo Holder – W. Archers & Nkenge Durham - SCC

U17 MVP - Kwame Naylor

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