BFA expresses gratitude to coaching staff for their exceptional contribution to the Senior Men’s National Team

July 6, 2023

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) is committed to achieving its strategic goals by continuously improving the structure and performance of its national teams. As part of this commitment, the BFA has developed a robust coaching staff renewal process to support the national team's success.

At the end of each competition commitment, the Player Development Committee (PDC) reviews the teams’ participation and assesses whether changes can or should be made. Based on this assessment, the PDC decides on the next steps for the team, its programs, and its staff.

The Player Development Committee has decided not to renew the contracts of the senior men’s national team coaching staff.  We take this opportunity to express our utmost thanks and appreciation to Kyle Lightbourne and his staff who have served Bermuda with distinction.

Our hearts and minds were captured by the performance of the Senior Men’s National Team (SMNT) during the launch of the Concacaf Nations League and subsequent qualification to our first Concacaf Gold Cup. We enjoyed Bermuda’s success in New Jersey where we won our first match at that level against Nicaragua. That success will forever be etched in history and has become the yardstick by which to measure our teams in the future.


The PDC will intensify its search for a head coach and staff in preparation for the Concacaf Nations League 2023/24.


"Our coaching staff plays a critical role in the success of our national teams," said Player Development Committee Chair, Vance Campbell. "We want to make sure our athletes have the continued support they need to be successful, and we are committed to ensuring that we have the best team possible to achieve our goals.”


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