Bermuda Drawn in League B – Group D for the Fourth Edition of the Concacaf Nations League Group Stage

May 8, 2024

Concacaf hosted the official draw for the 2024/25Concacaf Nations League (CNL) Group Stage on Monday, May 6, 2024. CNL 4.0 will feature 41 men's senior national teams playing during the FIFA Match Windows in September, October, and November 2024.  


Bermuda will play in League B Group D as follows:

Concacaf Nations League 4.0 League B, Group D: Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica

Head Coach Michael Findlay had this to say of the draw results, “We are pleased with our draw, which has provided us with some benefits both from a competition familiarity in the form of Antigua Barbuda, who we also play in WCQ but also logistically with having us already been in Antigua Barbuda and the overall new format Concacaf has introduced. It has centralized each CNL window to eliminate some of the travel challenges that we have experienced recently and will benefit the players' overall ability to perform, which should always be our priority.”


In a change to the match format, this year’s group stage matches will take place in the centralized venues during the fall FIFA Match Windows. Bermuda is set to host Antigua and Barbuda, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic in a football festival between October 7 and 15th at the Flora Duffy South Field Stadium.


The full list of centralized venues during the FIFA Match Windows are listed below:

  • September 2024: Antigua and Barbuda (Host)
  • October 2024: Bermuda (Host)
  • November 2024: Dominican Republic (Host)


You can read more on Concacaf’s website here.

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