Appleby Youth and All Girls' Awards Ceremony

May 17, 2022

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) is holding its End of Season Youth Awards Ceremony for the 2021/22 Appleby Youth Leagues and All Girls’ Leagues on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022. This will be the first ever BFA awards ceremony for Youth and Girls leagues. The Ceremony will take place at Cedarbridge and begin at 3:00pm.

The Association wishes to announce the finalist for the various awards to be presented at this year’s ceremony.

Appleby Youth Leagues:


MVP: Roman Wilkinson (NVCC), Cairo Tucker (D.Colts), Patrick Dill (SCC)

Defender of the Year: Patrick Dill (SCC), Roydon Grant (D.Colts), Kalila Daley (FCB)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Ethan Adderly (FCB), Aiden Jones (SCC), Kimurry Bailey (S.Rangers)

Coach of the Year: Vashun Blanchette (SCC), Drewonde Bascome (FCB), Andre Famous (D.Colts)


MVP: Ramsey Soutter (FCB), Sami Carolo (W. Archers), Kennahz Fray (D.Town)

Defender of the Year: Tiago Correia (NVCC), Dakayo Leverock (D.Town), Luke Horan (W. Archers)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Curtis Jackson (D.Town), Sam Larett (W. Archers), Caleb Grant (FCB)

Coach of the Year: Jamiko Marshall (D.Town), Detroy Smith (W. Archers), Reeve Young (NVCC)


MVP: Jaire Shields (SCC), Enoch Joseph (FCB), Malachi Henry (W. Archers)

Defender of the Year: Rickardo Phipps (FCB), Isaiah Francis (PHC), Alexander Rymon Lipinsky (W. Archers)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Jayden Simons (PHC), Khy Bean (SCC), Keyen Webb (W. Archers)

Coach of the Year: Keishon Smith (W. Archers), Mark Mills (FCB), Danvers Seymour Jr. (SCC)


MVP: Kymani McNeil (SCC), Enrique Swan (D.Town), Kwame Naylor (W. Archers), Zakao Hart (PHC)

Defender of the Year: Kairo Lewis (PHC), Cody Robinson (W. Archers), Oneal Moore (SCC), Jahziha Steede (D.Town)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Matteo Holder (W. Archers), Timaris Thomas (D.Town), Toran Place (PHC), Nkenge Durham (SCC)

Coach of the Year: Richard Tood (W. Archers), Cecoy Robinson (D.Town), Danvers Seymour Jr. (SCC), Michael Trott (PHC)

All Girls Leagues:


MVP: Keyandae Lightbourne (BFLA), Evans Welch (D. Stars), Janiya Sealy (PHC)

Defender of the Year: Ayshalay Simons (BFLA), Jayla Peets Butterfield (D. Stars), Maria Desa (PHC)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Ash Storey (WA), R’Zanee Evans Waldron (D. Stars.) Ja’Shay Trott (PHC)

Coach of the Year: Jai Burgess (BFLA), Shawnette Perott (D. Stars), Cory Dowling (PHC)


MVP: Tayla Horn (WA2), Dominique Brown (D. Stars), Ellie Richmond (WA1), Jahni Simmons (BFLA)

Defender of the Year: Taylor Critchlow (WA2), Mya Armstrong (D. Stars), Amelie Argent (WA1), Samara Darrell (BFLA)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Flora Betts (WA2), Dominique Brown (D. Stars), Ash Storey (WA1), Hanna Taylor (BFLA)

Coach of the Year: Enda Medeiros (WA2), Shawnette Perott (D. Stars), Edna Mederios (WA1)

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