All Girls End of Season Tournament

July 6, 2023

The Women's Committee was excited to get underway this last weekend our 2022 end of season Divisions' Tournaments for our Girl's League.  The sportsmanship of the teams and support for the fans received during the first weekend was second to none. We invite all to come out and support.

The Semifinals will be held at the BFA Field on Saturday, March 26 and will start at 1:30pm.


SDCC vs PHC - 1:30pm

WA1 vs WA3 - 2:00pm


WA1 vs Saltus - 2:30pm

BHS-F vs BHS-D - 3:00pm


SDCC vs DS - 3:30pm

PHC vs BFLA - 4:00pm


DS vs PHC - 4:30pm

BFLA vs WA - 5:00pm


BFLA vs WA2 - 5:30pm

DS vs WA1 - 6:00pm

The finals will be held on Sunday March 27 and will also be streamed live on the BFA YouTube Channel here.

U7 - 10:00am
U9 - 11:00am
U11 - 12:00pm
U13 - 1:00pm
U15/17 - 2:00pm

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