2022 BFA Awards

May 9, 2022

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) held it 2022 BFA Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 7, at the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall. The winners of the awards are as follows.

Highest Goal Scorer:

Premier Division:
Enrique Russell – PHC
First Division: Ian Coke – Boulevard CC

Highest Goal Scorer Enrique Russell - PHC (left), 2022 BFA Legend Nicole Jones (right)

Fair Play Team Award:

Premier Division:
Somerset Bridge RC
First Division: St. David’s CC

Referee Awards:

Youth Referee of the Year:
Sar Smith

Youth Referee of the Year Sar Smith

Young Referee of the Year: Amaury Majors

Referee of the Year: Natasha Trott

Referee of the Year Natasha Trott, Head of Referees Crenstant Wiliams

Goalkeeper of the Year:

Premier Division:
Jaiden Manders – (WSSC) Dandy Town
First Division: Andrew Lee - BAA

Goalkeeper of the Year Andrew Lee (BAA)

Defensive Player of the Year:

Premier Division:
Terrence Webb Jr. – (WSSC) Dandy Town
First Division: Quinn Outerbridge – HPWC

Coach of the Year:

Premier Division:
Aaron Denkins – (WSSC) Dandy Town
First Division: Sergio Goater – HPWC

Young Player of the Year:

Premier Division:
Nizigh Spence – (WSSC) Dandy Town
First Division: Tre Burgess – BAA

Young Player of the Year - Nizigh Spence (WSSC) Dandy Town

Most Valuable Player of the Year:

Premier Division: Marco Warren – PHC
First Division: Macquille Walker – HPWC

MVP Marco Warren (PHC)

Order of Merit Recipients:

Edward "Ice Water" Smith

Leroy "Curly Joe" Wilson

Mark "Burger" Jennings

Lyndon Raynor

Rudolf "Buddy" Hollis

Order of Merit Lyndon Raynor
Order of Merit Edward "Ice Water" Smith
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