Where are they now?

Lyndsy Ford

Job: Physical Education & Health Teacher

When did you start playing football? Started playing football at 12 years old

Who do you play for? 1st played for PHC (1 year) and Dandy Stars (5 years)

How has football helped you in your career?

Football taught me a lot about the “Art of Playing The Game”, football taught me discipline, the importance of teamwork and helping others, football helped me appreciate the value of goal setting and winning. Playing football encouraged me to develop a love for the game, and has inspired me to coach and teach the sport today.

What was one of your best moments/Memories when you played?

One of my best memories when playing is the season I scored 12 goals. Motorcading and celebrating after winning  a cup final was one of the best feelings! Also changing room talks from great coaches, prayers before games, and cheers…the unity was special.

Advice: “Stay patient and motivated towards success, always put your best foot forward, be kind to people and gain as many lessons from coaches, players, and anyone that can help you grow. Believe in yourself.”

Where are they now?