Where are they now?

Jessica Furtado

Job/Occupation: Dairy/ Freezer Manager @ Harrington Hundreds

When did you start playing football?  I started playing football at the age of 7!

Who do you play for? Somerset, Lady Cougars, North Village, University of Cape Breton

How has football helped you in your career?

Football was more than just a game for me, it taught me lessons that I carried along the way with me throughout my career. It helped me realize that it’s more than just a game in order to become successful. Teamwork, discipline, perseverance, handling success and failure, problem solving, and time management. All these skills helped me transition in the real world and helped progress with my career.  

What was one of your best moments/Memories when you played?

I have plenty I can ramble on about but one that hits me the most would have to be my first year playing at University. Making it to the AUS FINALS and WINNING! For my first year at uni I was able to receive AUS ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AND claim AUS second team Allstar. This was a huge accomplishment for me because it really taught me to never give up and always give your best even when you think no one is watching! It was unexpected but my hard work surely paid off!

What advice would you give girls aspiring to play football?

Push yourself to be the best you can be. The sky is the limit! You’ll have good days and bad days but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goals. When one door closes another one opens! Remain focused, humble, and positive. Never doubt yourself. Dreams do come true!

Where are they now?