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    BFA Second Vice-President retires from Executive after 30 years
    "Football and I' - Arne Thomsen - Denmark - Played for Wolves and Dev Colts in the '70s
    BFA present Safety and Security Equipment to PHC

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    Arne Thomsen - "Football and I'

    PHC win 2015 Dudley Eve Trophy

    The FIFA Weekly

    FIFA Weekly Magazine

    Building a better future

    Football has the power to bring people together and to break down barriers. It gives FIFA a platform to improve standards of education, health and sustainability, and to raise living standards and quality of life across the world.

    The story of FIFA

    FIFA was founded on 21 May 1904 in Paris by delegates from Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The founders created the first FIFA statutes, unifying the laws of the game to make it fair and clear to all players setting the foundation for all future football development.

    How does FIFA work

    The Laws of the Game provide a common, simple language to support the unique, unifying power of football. FIFA’s open and democratic structure gives the global game its foundation it needs to grow and thrive. We work as part of the International Football Association Board to define and amend the Laws of the Game on behalf of the global football community.




    Players with Promise - Skills and Thrills

    • Brandan Hunt Ireland Rangers FC
    • Henry Santucci Ireland Rangers FC
    • Keija Simmons Ireland Rangers FC

    Coaches - Strategies for Success

    Goalkeepers keen for elusive Clean Sheets

    Tracey Adams - Referee and Police Chief Inspector

    Tracey Adams - Referee and Police Chief Inspector

    Tracey Adams - Referee and Police Chief Inspector


    I became a referee as a part of a bet which I lost to Police Sgt Greg Grimes, a colleague of mine who had been refereeing for years prior.  I had played football before and I wanted to continue to be involved in the sport through refereeing. I am still here after losing that bet all those years ago!

    "Football and I"

    "Football and I"  - How has football impacted your life

    "Football and I" - Freddy Hall tells of the joy of being on the football field

    How has football impacted your life?

    Arne Thomsen joins the home-made video clip series as a former player from the '70s.

    Arne Thomsen, from Denmark, tells of his 2 year stay in Bermuda 1978 - 1980 when he played for first Wolves and then Devonshire Colts, as one of the happiest periods of his life.

    Arne visited Bermuda last summer and caught up with lots of old friends and made some new ones! He also praised Bermuda Brasilian Football School for its tour to Denmark a few years ago.

    Click on "Football and I - Players" on to see the video clip. 

    Tell us your personal story about how football has impacted your life. Send us an amateur video clip - we will select some of your great stories and post them for Bermuda and the world to view.

    Whether you are a player/coach/administrator/referee/fan, current or former, young or old, club or national, male or female - it doesn't matter - share your story with us.

    Football and I - How football has affected my life.

    Email us about your interest  to do "Football and I" or send video clip to 

    (videos to be a

    3 minute maximum) .


    Freddy Hall

    Jon Beard

    Maurice Lowe

    Freddy Hall

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