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09/18/2017, 3:30pm ADT

Cedarbridge Academy’s Choral Room was the venue for the BFA’s Budget & Financial Reporting Workshop on Saturday, September 16th.

Twenty-nine delegates representing eighteen of the BFA’s twenty Full Member Clubs namely BAA, Boulevard, Devonshire Colts, Devonshire Recreation Club, Flanagan’s Onions, Hamilton Parish, North Village, Paget, PHC, SCC, Southampton Rangers, St. David’s, St. George’s, Western Stars, Wolves, YMSC and X-Roads attended the Workshop. Missing were Somerset Bridge and Robin Hood. BFA Treasurer James Davis provided the Welcoming Remarks and thanked the Club representatives for the volunteer work that they do on behalf of their members. BFA General Secretary kick-off the Workshop outlining the importance of Budgeting and Financial Reporting. BFA Financial Controller Gideon Kigotho addressed the relationship and expectations between the BFA and Clubs and the impact on the financial operation of both. Ray Jones in his capacity as Finance Director with the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation took the delegates through the processes of Costing & Pricing of Goods and Services as it relates to Clubs operation as well as accounting principals and the components of Financial Statements. The Workshop is a continuation of the BFA’s Club Licensing Program which aims to gradually improve all aspects of the Clubs administration and operational proficiency. 

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