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08/09/2019, 10:00am ADT

On Thursday, August 8th the Bermuda Football Association presented Legends Scholarships Awards to five deserving student / football players at the Clyde Best Center of Excellence.  In doing so the BFA continues to make a significant contribution to the future aspiration of players not only on the playing field but also with regards to their futures as productive citizen of tomorrow.

The five recipients were selected by the BFA Scholarship Awards Selection Committee consisting of Chairman Robert Horton, Dr. Llewelyn Simmons, Anthony Mouchette, Calvin Symonds, Diane Hunt and Crenstant Williams.  


Danni Watson is the recipient of the Lesley Cherry White Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year for two years.

As a playing member of the Somerset Cricket Club, Danni will continue her studies at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts with the aim of obtaining her high school diploma in 2022. Danni states that the Legends Scholarship will enhance her development because it will help her to grow as a person, football player, leader and coach.  She goes on to say, “Being able to further my education abroad will open more pathways for me and feed my focus and determination to reach the highest level of football.”


Damion Simmons is the recipient of the Robert Calderon Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year for two years.

Damion will pursue a degree in Human Kinetics at the Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia with the goal of completing his studies in 2023.  Following a successful 2018 – 2019 season with the Devonshire Recreation Club Premier Division team Damion is a testament to the values of never giving up, keeping focused even when tired, perseverance, how to improvise and most importantly respect. He says “Football has showed me the importance of time making, discipline, teamwork, setting goals and the importance of having the right mindset/attitude.  With this scholarship I can start my education at Saint Francis Xavier University.”  


Calon Minors is the recipient of the Allan Peacock Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year for two years.

Combining his studies and playing for Bermuda Athletic Association whenever possible Calon embraces the opportunities to constantly deal with adversity, to work on a team and communicate.  He will receive further opportunities as he continues his Master of Art in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Hull in Hull, United Kingdom with a completion date in 2020.  Calon says, “Football has been a passion for me all my life but more than that, it has been a great teacher.  My desire now is to transfer these lessons to the next generation, it would be unfair to do otherwise.  The BFA Legends Scholarship will help me realize those dreams.”  


Keishon Bean is the recipient of the Randy Bean Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year for two years.

The Farleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey is the destination for the Pembroke Hamilton Club’s Keishon Bean who will pursue a degree in Marketing with an expected completion date in 2023. Keishon suffered what he described as a devastating tear to his LCL ligament.  Although very upsetting it was a very strong lesson that made him realize that any sport you play your career may be gone with something as simple as an accident and that a fall back option is needed.  Keishon says, “This lesson has helped me to grow physically and mentally, understanding that every setback is preparing me for a major comeback.” 


Cory Booth is the recipient of the Richard Calderon Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year for two years.

The Pembroke Hamilton Club’s Cory Booth will head to the Hope International University in Fullerton, California to pursue his passion through a degree in Business Management with a completion date set for 2022. Cory states, “When I find myself thinking about why the best of the best are where they are in the business world and in football, the answers are quite alike.  Being prepared, hardworking and focused are integral parts of the puzzle I assemble in my everyday life.  Bermuda is a small pool of competition and leaving made me realize there is a whole ocean out there fighting for the same thing as me and I am more than excited to begin a new journey.”  


BFA President Mark Wade was delighted with the level of applicants received for this year’s edition of the BFA Legends Scholarships Awards Program.  The Executive Council is committed to promoting education as one of its important strategic goals to enhance the lives of players through the sport of football.  Players who aspire to further their academics are encouraged to apply for the next edition of the scholarships in 2020.

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