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BFA Premier Division

07/25/2019, 12:30pm ADT

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) Competitions Committee can now officially confirm Somerset Cricket Club’s reinstatement to the Premier Division for the 2019/20 Football Season.  

The Association officially confirms that the Bermuda Athletic Association (BAA) has withdrawn its senior team from the Premier Division for the upcoming 2019/20 season, and Somerset Cricket Club (SCC), the 9thplaced Premier Division team in the recently concluded 2018/19 season, has accepted the invitation to have its Premier Division status restored.  


The BFA Executive Council has confirmed its desire to maintain a complement of ten teams in the top division, and has therefore endorsed the recommendation to reinstate Somerset Cricket Club’s Premier Division status - the decision having been made under Clause 4 (c) ii of the General Rules of Divisional Competition, which reads as follows:

  • Vacancies caused by the retirement of a team or by the withdrawal of a membership organization from the Division may be filled by the Executive Council at their discretion prior to the commencement of the Leagues.

In addition, the BFA Executive Council has acknowledged Somerset Cricket Club’s player transfer philosophy may have been different had they not been relegated. Therefore, SCC has been given a 10-day window to complete any player transfers. The BFA Executive Council will consider further applications on a case by case basis.

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