“KICK-OFF” Bermuda Football Season Begins!


As the International football community still savors the excitement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the stage is set for an exciting and challenging football season in Bermuda. Although, we all may have been routing for different teams during the World Cup, the sport of football is a magnificent example of humanity, sportsmanship, in which to refocus our efforts to instill dignity, respect and friendships that exist among us all. 

The Bermuda Football Association officially kicked off its 2018-2019 football season during the Labor Day weekend.  A true ‘cut & razor’ match between defending Premier Division Champions PHC Zebras and defending FA Cup champions Robin Hood set the tone for what’s to come this football season. This ongoing ‘clash of the titans’ match was held on Sunday, September 2ndat Bernard’ Park between the two football powerhouses.   Fans enjoyed watching the Zebras march to victory in a 2-1 defeat over Robin Hood. Cecoy Robinson was exemplary for PHC as he scored both goals with strikes in the 12th and 79th minute driving the PHC fans to delirious enthusiasm. Meanwhile on the other side of the ball, Tomeiko Goater of Robin Hood displayed a furious determination to resist surrender by scoring their only goal in the 30thminute of play.

In a further “mouthwatering” encounter, the Dudley Eve Trophy Competition was a gladiatorial showcase of strength, strategy and skill between Group “A” rivals North Village Rams and Dandy Town Hornets and in Group B Somerset Trojans contested against the consistent Devonshire Cougars. In Group A play, Terryn Fray in a continuation of his remarkable form from the Cricket season, disabled Dandy Town early in the match leaving them unable to recover from the 1-0 deficit.  In Group “B” play; in a highly contested encounter both teams drew red cards during play. However, Somerset dominated the match with the first strike by D’Andre Wainwright in the 18thminute, with Damon Swan’s converted penalty strike in the 68th minute leaving the Cougars with a 2-0 defeat.

In what promises to be more enticing football this season, the First Division is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, September 9 with the first match between Young Men’s Social Club and St. David’s at NSC North Field at 12:30p with all remaining First Division matches kicking off at 3:00 p.m.  Match Day 2 of the Dudley Eve Cup competition resumes on Thursday, September 13that 7:00 p.m. with Group “A” rivals Dandy Town and PHC and Group “B” at 9:00 p.m. with Robin Hood taking on Somerset Trojans at GGF.  The Premier Division will begin play on Saturday, September 15that 9:00 p.m. with a duel between Robin Hood and Devonshire Rec at GGF. 

One thing is for sure, fans will have plenty of exciting football to support this season.  Who will be crowned champion? Let the ball keep rolling until the end of the Season! 

2018 Concacaf U15 Women's Championship

The Bermuda Football Association is pleased to announce the Women's U15 National Team that will represent Bermuda in the 2018 CONCACAF Women’s U15 Championship. The tournament will be held from August 6-13 at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The team, led by captain Danni Watson, includes experienced players who have played in previous Concacaf tournaments. 

Our Lady Gombey Warriors have been placed in Division 2 and drawn in Group D. Their opening match will be on August 6thagainst Trinidad and Tobago. The next day the Lady Gombey Warriors will face Barbados. After a rest day they will close out the group stage against Curacao. The group winners will move on to the Divisional semi-finals on August 10th. The Division 2 championship will be contested on August 12. The team and staff are:



Zakhari Turner  


Lara Backeberg  

Terrine Trott  


Azra Shakir

Koa Goodchild  ©


Marli Butterfield  

Satia Burchall  


Che Chulae Dowling  

Danni Watson  ©


Shye Blair Paynter 

Zemira Webb  


Katelyn Medeiros 

Jahde Simmons  


Adia Gibbons  

Emily Cabral   


Jahni Simmons 

Ramiah Brangman 


Katherine Bean Rosario



Vance Brown - Head Coach

Zayna Foggo – Assistant Coach

Chelsea Harvey – Goal Keeper Coach

Danielle Sheppard - Medical

Kimberly Bean - Head of Delegation



The objectives of the Bermuda Football Association [BFA], Registered Charity #331, established in accordance with provisions of the Bermuda Football Association Act 1970, are to:

  1. Encourage the game of football in Bermuda
  2. Promote the game of football and take all necessary steps to prevent infringement of the Rules and Laws of the game of football or

    other improper practices

  1. Make Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws for the proper regulation of the game of football
  2. Make Rules for eligibility for membership in the BFA
  3. Hold membership in FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU and abide by their Rules and Regulations
  4. Lend or invest and borrow money as determined by the BFA Executive Council
  5. Make representation to the Bermuda Government where appropriate


Media Contacts:

David Sabir, General Secretary, Bermuda Football Association



CONCACAF Women's Under-17 Championship 2018

The Bermuda Football Association is pleased to announce the Women's U17 National Team that will represent Bermuda in the CONCACAF Women’s U17 Championship. The final tournament will be held in Managua, Nicaragua. Our Lady Gombey Warriors qualified through fantastic performances during the Caribbean Qualifying Championships held in St Lucia and Haiti in 2017. The team and staff are:


Danni Watson (c)

Emily Cabral

Delia Ebbin

Gaiya Melakot

Zekiah Lewis

Katelyn Medeiros

Trinae Edwards

Adia Gibbons

Koa Goodchild

Jya Ratteray Smith

Zakhari Turner

Druw Bascome

Jadae Steede Hill

Dazarre Place

Sh’Nyah Akinstall

Jenna Rempel

Tianna Mullan

Leilanni Nesbeth

Nia Christopher

Zemira Webb



Aaron Denkins

Head Coach

Vance Brown

Assistant Coach

Naquita Robinson

Assistant Coach

Danielle Sheppard


Charryse Bean

Team Manager

Manny Faria

Head of Delegation


Bermuda Football End of Season

The Bermuda Football Association will close out the 2017 - 2018 football season with the BFA Awards and the End of Season Symposium.

On Friday April 20th at the Bermuda Underwater Institute the BFA will host its annual awards called the “Night of Legends”. The Awards will feature the 5 Legends that will be honored with a scholarship in their name that will be will be presented in July 2018. The night will begin with a cocktail reception followed by the awards ceremony and a reception for the nights’ winners at the conclusion. Bermuda Idol winner Olivia Hamilton will be a part of the entertainment on view.

Jason Roberts MBE, Director of Development for Concacaf, will be the guest speaker. Jason is a former professional with Reading FC and international player with his beloved Grenada. Jason’s professional career started at Hayes Town and concluded at Reading Football Club in 2014. A career that spanned 20 years. He has worked as a radio commentator of the BBC and 5 live as well as football pundit for BBC in the UK before joining Concacaf as the Director of Development.

Most Valuable Player, Young Player, and Coach of the Year are three of the awards that will be presented by our 2018 legends. Also, presented will be the BFA Order of Merit award. This award is reserved for those individuals that have served football in Bermuda with distinction.

On Saturday April 21st, the end of season symposium will be held at the Bermuda College. The symposium will feature presentations from our island’s guest Jason Roberts on Concacaf development; The Bermuda Football Coaches Association, on the Power of the Coach; Oakville Blue Devils and Bermuda Technical Development Director Maurice Lowe. The symposium will also have a presentation on the just concluded season.

Club Licensing Program

The Bermuda Football Association (BFA) presented Club Licenses to the Premier and First Division Clubs as part of its ongoing club development initiative. All clubs were required to provide to the Association specific documentation to verify the structure and the status of various areas within their Club.  Led by BFA Honorary Vice President and Club Licensing Manager Mr. Neville Tyrrell, the Club Licensing Committee spent considerable time during 2017 to assess the documentation, interview the Clubs and make a final determination whether or not each of the BFA's Full Member Clubs were compliant with the Club Licensing Regulations.   

The BFA's Club Licensing Program is part of the global initiative established by FIFA and is a requirement implemented by CONCACAF.  The Club Licensing initiative is aimed at improving the standard of club administration and to bring about a professional approach to the way clubs operate so the ultimate aim is to better serve their players, coaches, members, their communities and Bermuda as a whole.  It is vitally important that standards for the proper management of clubs are implemented but more importantly sustained over the long term.

Mark Wade, President of the Bermuda Football Association took the occasion to thank the clubs for embracing the objectives of the Club Licensing program.  He stated that with the clubs embracing the program shows that they believe in developing and improving their modus operandi for the good of football.  It also shows the value in togetherness with the understanding that football as a whole can only be strong if each club works toward a common goal of sustained development.  

The presentation of the Club License by no means signals the end of the Clubs obligation to the program.  BFA General Secretary emphasized that it is only the beginning to ensure sustainability which will aid the clubs with long term success.  In this regard, the following protocols will oversee the continuance of the program going forward:

  • License is valid for a period of two years and will expire in September 2019.
  • Clubs will have to submit application for license on or before September 30th, 2019 and every two (2) years thereafter.
  • Clubs who are not granted a License can re-apply in September of the 1st year.
  • Club Licensing Committee to conduct review of applications and make decision by December 31st.
  • Presentation of Licenses will take place in January.
  • Clubs are obligated to uphold the Club Licensing regulations and criteria.
  • Club Licensing Committee will conduct periodic spot checks on clubs during the License period.
  • Clubs can lose their license if they fail the spot check.
  • The Association shall have the right to publish all Clubs License status.

The Association is pleased to have implemented this program and to make the first presentation of Licenses but will continue to work with our clubs to assist with their evolvement both on and off the field for the greater good of the game.